My heart is heavy for a friend. See what I learned from him that can help you too.

Posted by KJ - May 22, 2017 - Daily Post

It is a great day to  have a great day!  Yes it is.

Something is pretty heavy on my heart right now and I want to share this with you and hoping it will help you today, and the rest of your life.  One of my very good friends had a very tragic thing happen just a few days ago.  And the word tragic really doesnt even begin to describe what happened.  He and his family are in a real tough spot right now.  The encouraging thing for me is that I know him, my friend, and I know his family.  Being that I know him, I know that he knows HIM, and so does the family involved.  And even though it is and will continue to be extremely tough for them, because they know Him, and HIS LOVE for them, they will make it through resting on His Love.

Situations like this really can make you reflect and refocus on what is really important in life.  And my very good friend is one of the people in my life that has helped me over the years to refocus on what is truly important.  He is constantly reminding me of this, and 99% of the time it is without him even knowing.  His “life lessons” and the way he did things that I saw, I remember.  Now I still see and talk to him from time to time, but not that much.  Still though, I learned some valuable stuff from him over the years and I want to share some of those with you:

Know HIM

Look to HIM

Keep your eyes on the “Son”

Look up at night and just soak up the night sky

Love on your wife

Love on those kids

treat people with kindness

Go out of your way to put people first

sleep outside under the stars sometimes

teach your kids to enjoy and value nature

Show upmost respect to your elders


do something to get “chill bumps” often

Yell “woo hoo” often

Remember all good things come from HIM

These are all things that as we choose to do them in our lives, I strongly believe we can live much more peaceful and productive lives.  We can be better for our families, friends, for our communities, and for the world.  I really value my friendship with my very good friend and I am hurting with him and his family right now.  I know that they are going to all be good.  They are all good right now, and they will soon start to see and feel that way too.  Enjoy life, enjoy your family, focus on the important things, and choose to walk in His Love, Peace, Joy, and abundant life!


Can your IMAGINATION actually IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH?! + See the 70 year olds knocking it out!

Posted by KJ - May 15, 2017 - Daily Post

Its a great day to have a great day!!

First of all let me say concerning the super cool pic: Those are 2 of our clients here at God-Built that have been working out with us, listening to our Nutrition Tips, and “Hearing” our constant coaching on the power of their words and thoughts for around 14-15 years now!  These 2 are in their 70’s, and they are still going strong.  They are GOD-BUILT!!  No Excuses.  Bam.

Read this:

“Remember: when you imagine, it actually happens in your brain, so when you imagine fun things, all kinds of good chemicals flow, …”  Who Switched Off My Brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf

To IMAGINE, Dream, Think BIG, and Think about FUN stuff actually does do Good for your physical and mental capacities.  It is flat out great for your health.  We all “imagine” things every day, all day.  And with that there is Bad news and Good news:

First the Bad news – We all do “imagine” things all day, unfortunately most of us imagine (think on) the bad things from the past, and negative things that “might happen”.  We spend a lot of time literally thinking, IMAGINING, negative stuff.  Therefore our body is all day producing hormones that eventually will negatively impact our HEALTH!

Now the Good News- We all absolutely CAN choose to “imagine” good things, Fun things, and just positive things.  We can choose to think about stuff that gets us excited, things that are filled with good memories, and just Fun stuff.  We also can choose to Imagine and literally visualize ourselves accomplishing our dreams whether it is losing weight, accomplishing our work goals, etc.

The proof is there.  His Word has instructed us the whole time on how important our thought life is.  And science is backing it up more and more all the time!  Choose to use your thought life to improve your health and life.


Can you actually STOP Disease from entering into your body?!

Posted by KJ - May 8, 2017 - Daily Post

Its a great day to have a great day!!  Oh ye baby!

“DIS”ease!  Did you see that?  “DIS”ease.  Disease is the opposite of “Ease”.  Where disease is, there is a literal “dis” ease.

From my studying over the years it seems that all disease is associated with Inflammation.  Some say the disease (referring to whatever the sickness has been labeled) comes then that causes Inflammation.  More recently, many more “experts” have been saying that the inflammation comes first, then the disease comes. Either way they are both there and go hand in hand for the most part.

So we all need to understand that in most, if not all, cases, the actual disease comes from a literal “Dis” ease in the body.  And in many cases, that dis ease or un ease starts from the mind. **Remember our thoughts do generate emotions and hormone release in the body.  So to make it very simple and clear, what you are allowing yourself to think on, will either help to produce an environment of EASE or Dis-ease in the body.  It really is that simple.

Realize that you do have the power given to you by God Himself, through His Son Jesus Christ, to control your mind and to use your mind to steer your health in a good direction.  Your thought life will impact your health, good or bad, whether you want it to or not.  It is something that I believe is a missing part of the whole health equation that many people dont give enough credit to.  I believe many people understand this truth to some extent, yet still to this day when most “experts” talk about IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH, they put all or the majority of the emphasis on Exercise and Nutrition.  Like we have been saying here at God-Built for years now: “Exercise and Nutrition are not the most important components of Taking Control of Your Health.  They are important and they can not be left out, yet they are not the most important.”

I encourage you to allow God to help you to see the power of your thoughts and how your mind is possibly the most powerful Tool YOU have to steer your health, and all of your life, in the right direction.  Remember it is your health, your life, your choice.  You can not control everything that happens in your life, yet you can control how you respond with your mind, your words, your thoughts, and your actions.  Ye baby!


Motivation and Inspiration for You, Right Now, On Time!

Posted by KJ - May 2, 2017 - Daily Post

It’s a great day to have a great day!  Oh yes it is.  And here is some Motivation and Inspiration for you today.

I Choose to believe the Word.  therefore I choose to believe in these truths from the Word:

“Me and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens (enables and empowers) us.”

“All things are possible to me and you who believe”

“Me and you are literally more than conquerors”

“me and you are forgiven”

“Me and you can literally Renew our mind”

“Me and you can take control of our thoughts and put them to the obedience of Christ””

“By HIS Stripes, me and you were and are Healed”

“Me and you get to choose to speak LIFE with our mouths”

“He loves me and He loves you unconditionally and He fully expressed it through Jesus Christ”

Now lets me and you go and live in His Peace, His Confidence, and His Power that He freely gave me and you!  Ye baby, me and you get to.  We are able to and empowered to just because He loves me and you!!



One of the Best Tips if you have experienced “failure” in health / fitness / weight loss attempts

Posted by KJ - April 17, 2017 - Daily Post

Its a great day to have a great day!

“…you can neuroplastically retranscribe (change or rewire) these toxic memories because, once conscious, thoughts are modifiable right down to the level of genetic expression in your DNA.  …….  Even if you don’t change the content of the thought, it will still retranscribe through protein synthesis, making new proteins to strengthen the thought.  The bad thought can get worse, or the good thought can get better – no thought stays neutral.”  Dr. Leaf from her book “Who Switched Off My Brain”

You might want to read that 2 or 3 times.  Really.  It is important to see that our thoughts from our past memories can and will continually impact our health and lives.  I think we all know this to some extent, but one thing that Dr. Leaf has brought more light to me on is the fact that any thoughts I have from my past do not stay the same.  As I remember those past experiences (this can be on purpose or as they come to me “out of the blue) if I have had negative thoughts in response to them, then if I do not choose to some way “positively” and correctly change the way I think about them, they will become stronger in a negative way!  Like she said “no thought stays neutral”.

This is just more evidence of the need to apply His Principles in regards to our thought life:

Romans 12:2 of “renewing our mind”.  We have been empowered through Christ to make our mind think what we want it to think, and how we think about any particular events in our lives, past, present, and future.  *Remember you can not always stop particular thoughts from coming to you, but you can control #1 if you allow yourself to keep thinking on that thought; #2 how you think about that thought / event.

2 Corinthians 10:5 – bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.  We have the great power to take every thought we think literally captive.  We hold that thought, and we compare it to who we are In Christ.  If that thought/s  does not line up with who we are In Christ then we have the power and responsibility to change the way we think on that subject whether it be a past event and or thoughts of some future event.

Phillippians 4:8 think only on the things that are lovely, honest, kind, good report, has virtue , pure, anything worthy of praise.  We have the great power and responsibility to make our brains only think on these things.  This is not always easy, and yes it is an ongoing challenge.  Yet, we still have the say so, and that should be majorly encouraging for us!!

We all think thoughts.  these can be thoughts from the past, present, and about the future.  Our thought life is something that is happening all day every day.  (I am not sure what all is going on while we are sleeping but lets just focus on what we do know right now concerning our “awake” hours).  We all need to literally embrace and be extremely thankful to God almighty that HE designed us so that we can control our thoughts.  No matter where we are at in life and how tough things may have been in your past, no matter how bad they may be at the moment, and no matter how bleek they may look for the future, YOU have a choice to control how you RESPOND with your thoughts.  And what and how you choose to Respond with your THOUGHTS will have a major impact in YOUR HEALTH and your life.  If you want to make progress in your health, you have to realize that your past can hinder you.  If you have been “rehashing” thoughts of defeat from past failures in attempts of improving your health, then you probably know from experience you usually will end up with the same “failed” results.  The great news is that it does not have to be that way.  And instead of just telling you to “forget” those old thoughts as I once would have done, I believe for most they can’t just literally forget the past NEGATIVE EVENTS.  So I say do as God says and as DR. Leaf describes in her book and literally ‘RENEW YOUR MIND” and change the way you think about those events.  And according to actual scientific evidence, you will literally REWIRE your brain and DNA for the better.

remember my goal, and our goal at God-Built is to help you to literally take control of your health and life.  I believe fully that God has set forth direct principles in His Word that tells me and you how to do this.  One of those principles is what we just talked about and the main principle Dr. Leaf concentrates on: The Renewing of the Mind”.  Use this principle to take control of your health and steer it, and your life, in the right direction!


Something I learned from my parents deaths. Real stuff during “real” times.

Posted by KJ - April 10, 2017 - Daily Post

Its’s a great day to have a great day! Ye baby!

You know, over and over again I am reminded that LIFE IS CHOICE!  No we do not have control over everything that happens to us and or around us.  Yet in every situation we have a choice in how we respond to it with our words, our thoughts, our attitude, and our actions.  IN this walk we call LIFE, we all face adversity.  Sometimes in life everything seems to go smooth.  Other times it gets pretty rough.  And then sometimes, it just flat out sucks!  I remember when both my parents went on to heaven (my dad i think about 6 years ago, and then my mom just this past summer).  Each of these events was for me one of those parts of life that did just suck.  It was sudden, unexpected, and tragic.  It was a huge blow to me and my family.  Yet, in the midst of those tragic moments I had complete control and say so over my words, my thoughts, my attitude, and my actions.  I in no way perfectly handled each situation, yet I understood the importance of handling it correctly.  and I understood the importance of this because I knew it was very important as far as it concerned my own personal life going forward, and also as it concerned those lives around me that I had some type of influence on.

Now of course I had many thoughts of defeat, sadness, guilt, fear, etc come to me during these 2 life events.  I had many very defeating thoughts such as:

  • lay down and give up on this “faith” stuff.
  • its ok for me not to be “so positive” on life.
  • I deserve to feel bad.
  • I deserve to be confused.
  • Maybe I should not always EXPECT great things.
  • Maybe I should be cynicle.

And I am sure if you have been through any tragic events in life that you have thought the same thoughts.  What we have to do though is to CHOOSE to not allow those thoughts to become our thoughts.  And yes that is a choice.  Remember, just because you “have” a thought does not mean it is your thought.  We all have thoughts that come to us.  You absolutely do not have to take that thought on as yours.  You can always choose to say NO to any thought and replace it with the CORRECT, LIFE GIVING, GOD INSPIRED thought.  That is why the Word tells us to “take captive every thought and imagination and put it to the obedience of Christ.”  This basically and to me literally is my prescription on how to handle my thought life.  Every thought that comes to me I have to choose to make sure it lines up with who Jesus Christ was and who He is, and to who He made me.  If a thought or pattern of thinking does not line up with that, then I have to CHOOSE to think differently, or repent.  That word repent in the new testament in most cases can literally be translated “CHANGE THE WAY I THINK”.

Make sure you do not allow just any thought or thought pattern to dominate your thinking.  You must choose to allow His way of thinking to dominate your thought life.  His way of thinking is PEACE, JOY, CONFIDENCE, EXPECTATION, AND LOVE!  It is not always easy to MAKE YOURSELF think this way, especially during a tragic event in your life, yet it is crucial to do so!  Remember that your thoughts do render good and bad results in your health and life.  And you will be the one who chooses which results you get.  And this is great news!  Get on it dog’on it!



One of the most Powerful “Health & Life Changing” Statements I have ever heard in my life!

Posted by KJ - April 6, 2017 - Daily Post

It’s a great day to have great day!  Oh Yes it is, why? Because this is the day that The Lord has made for me and for you! Ye baby!

If you check out the picture above, you will see a few very important, wise, effective “LIFE” keys.  These are the notes I took from Pastor Dan when he spoke at our church recently.  He has experienced some very drastic challenges in his life in the past few months.  And I mean drastic.  Yet he is focused on doing what he can and helping people to discover who God is, and who they are In HIM.

Notice the 1 key note that I circled: Gratitude is the Gateway to Joy.

Now that is such a powerful Truth.  Right when he said it, it just set me off on the inside.  It was like there was a ringing bell, light bulb, and everything else going off in me letting me know that I just heard one of the most powerful things I will ever hear!  Now yes I have heard this before, I have said it and taught it before in one way or another.  And I may have even taught it saying the same exact words (i am not sure and it isnt really important whether i did or not), yet it went off inside of me like it was fresh and new!  See one thing I have learned is that no matter how many times you hear something, if it is truth and it is real to you, then you will still get excited about it.  If you “are tired of hearing it” then you dont really understand or believe in it as a powerful truth.

Anyway, this thing went off inside of me so strong.  I realized the power for myself and also I immediately thought about you.  I literally thought to myself: Now I have to make sure I share this everyone.  I want to make sure they hear this, see this, and allow God to help them to understand the power of this.

We all want JOY in our lives.  And like the Good Book says “it is the JOY of the Lord that is our strength.”  If you want JOY, then the gateway is GRATITUDE / THANKFULNESS.  Train yourself to be Grateful and Thankful.  And yes you can do that.  I believe we, you and me, can pretty much train ourselves to think and do whatever we want.  So no matter your current situation, choose to find something/s to be GRATEFUL / THANKFUL for!  You can do it.  And one of the awesome ways to look at this is that this is simply one of God’s great principles that He created for you so that you can walk and live in His JOY, no matter what is going on around you.  Remember it is a choice.  And yes sometimes the Choice is hard to make, yet it is still 100% yours!  So choose wisely.  Choose LIFE!  Choose HIS JOY by choosing THANKFULNESS!


Check out this powerful Tip that will literally bring “life to the body”. Take control of your health and life.

Posted by KJ - March 27, 2017 - Daily Post

Its a great day to have great day!  Ye baby!

Proverbs 14:30 NKJV – A sound heart is life to the body, but envy is rottenness to the bones.

James 3:6 kjv – and the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that is defileth the whole body, …..

As you know if you have been following me here on, I believe that The Word is The Truth, and it is our foundation for life. It contains amazing Wisdom that we all can use in our every day lives, including our health.  Also, you know that I believe that Exercise and Nutrition are not the 2 most important components to taking control of your health and life.  They are important and cant be left out, yet they are not the most important.  2 of the most important components for taking conttrol of and keep control of your health are:

  1. Your Thoughts
  2. Your Words

As you see the 2 above scriptures, these are 2 of the many examples of scriptures in The Word that specifically tell you and me how to control, and improve our health.  The first one is directly related to your thought life.  As you are thinking thought of peace, confidence, and love, you will operate with a “sound” heart and mind.  And as the book of Wisdom tells us, this leads directly to “LIFE TO THE BODY”.  on the other hand if we allow our thoughts to be those of envy / jealousy / bitterness, this directly leads to “rottenness to the bones”.  Wow, now that is powerful stuff.

Remember this, God designed your body to operate at a high level of good physical health.  To MOVE is important.  To EAT RIGHT is important.  More importantly though, God set it up so that as we think and speak as He designed us to, our bodies actually react with great physiological reactions that directly promote healing and great health.  So you have to realize that God did not set you up to fail when you do not control your words and thoughts.  No HE set you up to win when you do control your words and thoughts!  And He makes it clear in His Word, His Book of Wisdom, His Book of Love, on what and how to think and speak correctly.  It really is pretty simple.  And yes at the same time it is not easy with all the situations, past, etc that we face.  Yet still it is doable and it is exactly what He wants for you.  It is exactly how He set it up for you.

Me and You have so much direct power and influence over our health just through choosing to control our thoughts and our words.  Those 2 Tools He gave us are extremely effective in helping us to literally TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH AND LIVES!


Up to 80% of health issues could be direct result of our Thought lives!

Posted by KJ - March 23, 2017 - Daily Post

Its a great day to have a great day!  Get on it dog’on it!

As you well know I am a believer in the whole SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY approach to health.  basically I believe we are a “spirit”, we have a soul (mind, will, emotions) and we live in a body.  If you want to take control and keep control of your health I believe it is most advantageous if you understand this truth, embrace it as God’s design, and apply His principles for success.

Here recently I have been working on a project more and doing more study on the topic of the power of your mind and thoughts.  Check out a couple of quotes from Dr. Caroline Leaf’s (Doctor who has studied the brain for over 20 years) book “Who Switched off my brain?”:

“No system of the body is spared when stress is running rampant.  A massive body of research collectively shows that up to 80% of phsyical, emotional and mental health issues today could be a direct result of our thought lives.”

“In fact, your thoughts create changes right down to genetic levels, restructuring the cell’s makeup. Scientists have shown this restructuring is how diseases are able to take hold in the body.”

“….. research shows that Fear triggers more than 1400 known physical and chemical responses.”

“No thought is harmless, nor does it stay the same – it constantly changes.”

Now we all know to some extent that are thought life can have an impact on our health, yet I believe that most dont realize near enough the power that their thoughts have, good or bad.  The exciting thing with all this is that research is showing over and over that we can literally take control of our thought life, and use it to bring about positive literal changes in our brains, and in our bodies, our health.  And guess what, HE has been showing us this the whole time in HIS Word.

That is why it is so important to trust and believe in the power of His Word.  It is Life to those who choose to believe it and apply it.

You will be seeing more in the near future right here from me on on this subject.  Remember He designed it so that you could literally steer your health and life in a great direction, using the tools He gave you.  And your thoughts are one of the most powerful tools He did give you!!


You ever said: “I know I should not eat this, but….”? Real health and life fixes

Posted by KJ - March 20, 2017 - Daily Post

It’s a great day to have a great day!  Ye baby1

What you are “thinking” when you are eating, before you are eating, and or after you are eating in some ways will have much more impact, good or bad, on your health.  Read that again.!.

The above statement is a powerful Truth that many overlook as it concerns their Nutrition.  Many times we overlook the “power of what we are thinking”, and saying.  You know you read it here on all the time simply because we believe this is a principle that has great impact in your health.  And one thing that I have heard repeatedly from clients over the years is “I know I should not be eating “that”, but….”.  See in their heart and in their mind they believe fully that whatever the food is that they are referring to is harming their health and literally hindering their progress.  I am fully convinced that anyone that is “eating out of condemnation” in many cases will experience more harm from their condemning thoughts than from the actual food itself.

Remember for every thought you have, their is a direct emotion.  And from every emotion, you will have a directly related hormonal response, good or bad.  So long story short, GUARD YOUR THOUGHTS.  Make sure you are not EATING OUT OF CONDEMNATION.  If you for whatever reason believe that a certain food is harmful for you, then do 1 of 2 things:

1. Dont eat it.

2. Eat less of it

Either way you are taking some sort of control over it and give yourself a sense of accomplishment of CONTROL even if you do eat it but choose to eat Less.  This should give you the ability to think a better thought such as: “I know this food is not the best for me, and I choose to control it by not eating near as much.”  Now even though that may not be the absolute best, it is still a much better option, and it is actually tremendous progress in the right direction.

**realize too that I am in no way saying that you can eat “crap” and “think your way” to making it have no ill effects in your health.  That is like saying that just because I believe that we should live under the Truth of Grace vs. law, that I advocate that “all is good and beneficial”.  We all know that aint right!