The magic (power) to improve your health is in YOU!

Posted by KJ - January 5, 2016 - Daily Post


Encouraging Word: Your mind is a powerful tool that you can control and use to steer your health and life in direction of good change.

Nutrition – Cut back on grains.  Add in 1-3 fruits/vegetables

Exercise – Start a Exercise program with a friend/s

The above pic is from one of our SuperFit workouts here at God-Built.  Most anyone at any level of fitness can join in on these workouts with us and do great!  Just like we tell everyone here at GB, “The magic (power) is not in the program.  The magic (power) is in you.”  You make a program work for you.  Do not go at improving your fitness like playing the lottery, and “try something to see if it will work”.  That most likely will not turn out good. 

This is going to be our best year yet!  Make that your statement for this great year 2016! 


GB posts – a New Order of doing things to better equip you!

Posted by KJ - January 4, 2016 - Daily Post


Inspiration / Encouragement – His LOVE is the reason you can!

Nutrition – Use this “New Year” to make a few simple eating changes starting this week.

Exercise – Movement Stretches x 10.  Max Rds in 5 minutes: 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 walkn lunges, 20 supercrunch

In the pic the boys are doing their “SuperExercise” they came up with over the break.  It is pretty neat and they impressed daddy as they were excited to show it to me!  Good stuff.

As you can tell from the top of today’s GB post, I am changing some things up for the first of the year.  I am not sure if the above order is exactly what I am going to do on a consistent basis, but there will be a new order coming soon.  I am just trying out something new, and if it accomplishes what I want, I will stick with it.  The main thing I want is to do more to HELP YOU! 

As you know if you have been following us here at for some time now, we believe the following as it concerns our health:

 Spirit – We are a spirit and and it is God’s love through Christ Jesus that has given us a new spirit.  In our new spirit lives everything we need to walk out great health and a great life full of God’s best.  Yes we still face adversity, but by realizing who we are now, and His Love and provision inside our NEW spirit, we can overcome anything we face in life.

Soul– We have a soul which is our mind will and emotions.  God gave us these, not for them to control us but for us to control them.  And we can use these tools to steer our health and lives in the right direction.

Body– We have a physical body.  Yes we should exercise and feed our bodies the right quality and quantity of foods on a consistent basis. 

Knowing the above, it is my goal to do a better job of using Inspiration, Encouragement, Movitation, Nutrition, and Exercise principles to better equip you to literally take control of your health and your life.  So be looking for more from us here at in the days to come.  And I expect God is helping me to get the best order of doing things so we can all experience more and more of His Best for us!



Getting Ready for your New Year: Better Health / Life

Posted by KJ - December 28, 2015 - Daily Post

boys4wheelerGB DW

Movement Stretches x 9

3 rds: Squat, pushup shoulder stand, leg tuck

25/40 Burpees

Check out the boys riding their new 4 wheeler they got for Christmas!  They are loving it and having a big time with all their other Christmas presents.  Good stuff.

The Johnson’s had a big big Christmas and I am sure you did too.  And now that Christmas has come and gone (boy that was fast), we have another “big” time of the year coming up: NEW YEARS!  And of course we all know that New Year’s is a time when many people make health resolutions.  That can be a very good thing.  Remember these few things over the next few days building up to New Years:

Make some kind of plan to make positive health changes such as Nutrition changes, adding in a few minutes of Exercise several times per week, taking control of your words and thoughts, etc.  **And remember many times making small, simple changes is the best way, at least to start with.

Do not let a “slip” turn into a “fall”.  (i got this saying from a registered dietician’s article on that one of our GB trainers sent me.  We started recommending several years ago as some of our clients were bragging on how helpful it was.  So use it as a resource!)  Basically the point here is that we all make mistakes, and a little mistake is not a complete fall or failure.  It is no big deal so you do not let it be a big deal.

Find an accountability partner.  Remember your “hope” or expectation can not be in another person.  Your expectation is in the power that is in you by Jesus Christ.  And it can help if you get someone to join with you in going after certain goals in life.

Make sure your WORDS & THOUGHTS are taking you in the same direction that you are trying to steer yourself towards with improved nutrition and exercise actions.  If you are working hard with better nutrition and exercise actions, but your words and thoughts are ones of defeat and instability, then you will most likely not end up accomplishing your goals.  You can pretty much be guaranteed you will end up going in the direction your words and thoughts are pointing towards, so make sure they are pointing you in the right direction.





Posted by KJ - December 23, 2015 - Daily Post

johnsonchristmas2015GB DWs (choose 1+ for your Christmas)

*Movement Stretches x 10 before each one

1. Max Reps in 1 min of each Exercise: DB Swings, XCrunch, Squat

2. Max Burpees in 5/7 minutes

3. 50r, 50l 1 Arm Alt. Snatch, 50r, 50l Walkn Lunge

MERRY CHRISTMAS from God-Built, and from The Johnson’s.  We love you, and we expect God’s Best for you.  We say Thank you for being part of our family here at God-Built and allowing us to help you to take control of your health and life.  Have a very Merry Christmas and holiday time!

Your Encouraging Word for Your Day: Have the best Christmas yet!!


CHRISTMAS – great time of the Year!

Posted by KJ - December 22, 2015 - Daily Post

wout91GB DW

Movement Stretches x 11

4-5 Rds – 25 reps x each: squat, pushup, w lunge, supercrunch

Check out some of our GB Athletes doing some Sled Pulls this morning here at GB.  These young men are on Christmas break, but still choose to get up early and come workout!  Gotta love the dedication!

CHRISTMAS is an awesome time of the year.  I get so excited.  I am like a little kid.  I love to listen to Christmas music, eat “Christmas” food, and just do all the Christmas stuff.

Get excited this season.  Choose to make it a great Christmas for someone else.  And as always choose to be Thankful to God Almighty for “life and life more abundantly” thru His Gift to me and you, JESUS CHRIST, The Saviour of the world!!

Your Encouraging Word for the Day: As always, BE THANKFUL, and GET EXCITED1

Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice  Godbless u kj

How you can “walk through it” in CONFIDENCE!

Posted by KJ - December 18, 2015 - Daily Post

IMG_6061GB DWs

Choose 1-2 for your Weekend:

1. 4+ Rds: Walk / Run for 1 min, Max Pushups 30 seconds

2. 1,2,3,4,….. In 7 Minutes go as far as you can performing Squat, Leg Tuck, Pushup.  **do 1 rep of each, then 2 of each, and so on.

Check out the boys from probably 3-4 years ago in the SNOW!  We have had so much fun the few times it has snowed here in Georgia over the last few years.  I am Expecting Snow this year.  Not too much.  Just Enough!

Encouraging Word for Your Day: No matter what it looks like, Remember the battle has already been won for you, through Christ Jesus.  So be encouraged, be Confident, be of good cheer, and Get Excited!  Yes we all know that “going through” the rough places and the adversity usually is not fun, but we can still go through with Confidence because of Him and His Great Love, JESUS CHRIST, for us.  And that, Jesus Christ, is what this whole Christmas season is about: the Gift of Love; Giving; peace; Joy; Expectation.  Ye baby!


Where to find life, peace, fullness: Tis the Season!

Posted by KJ - December 17, 2015 - Daily Post

gbtrainersGB DW

Movement Stretches x 20

Walk/Run/Bike/JRope for 5+ min

This is a great pic of our GB Trainers / Staff: (right to left) me, Jason, Russ, Gabriel, Angel.  We had a Christmas party for our GB staff last night and we all had a great time.  We are blessed to have such awesome trainers here at God-Built.  God has always supplied us the right trainers at the right time, and He always will.  Thank you Lord, ye baby!

Encouraging Word for your Day: Enjoy this Christmas!  Make it a great one.  Choose to make it a great one for others, and for you it will be too. 

Remember Christmas is all about the birthday of the biggest Gift ever known and ever to be known, JESUS CHRIST.  And in this is where we have our life, our peace, our fullness. 


Which Exercises are the “magic” ones that work!!

Posted by KJ - December 15, 2015 - Daily Post

wout26GB DW

15 x squats, pushups, supercrunch, wlunge

3+ rds:

1 Min Run / JRope, 1 Min Burpee

Check out some of our youth GB athletes doing some “different” stuff here at God-Built.  We are always trying different movements, and at the same time we do a lot of the same old stuff.  In my nearly 20 years of Training / Coaching Fitness & Sports Performance I have found out several things.  One of those is the fact that as far as movments or Exercises, the main thing is to: DO SOMETHING!  Now of course it is important to do that something Correctly.  What many do though is they keep waiting or searching for that “perfect” program, the one that is going to magically work for them because of the “magic” exercises and or set up.  Well in most cases that is not going to happen.  You basically just have to get your butt in gear and GO!! 

YOUR ENCOURAGING WORD FOR THE DAY: Just Move!  Do something, and do it CONSISTENTLY!  Even if it is just a “little something”, it counts and will produce good!!


Get Excited. Improve your LIFE!

Posted by KJ - December 14, 2015 - Daily Post

boysfireplaceGB DW

Movement Stretches x 10

Max Reps in 1 min of each Exercise, rest 20 seconds between Exercises: Squats, Pushup Shoulder Stand, DB Swings, XCrunch

Check out this cool pic of the boys having dinner and a movie out in our outdoor kitchen last night!  They were watching a Christmas movie since it is CHRISTMAS SEASON!

You know life is tough sometimes.  Life can get very challenging for any of us, and in the midst of the challenges we have to find a way to GET EXCITED!  Now #1 we should GET EXCITED simply because we know first and foremost that God is on our side and HE is bigger than anything we could ever face.  And IN HIM, we already WIN! 

So knowing that is our first reason to GET EXCITED.  And along with that we can find things to get excited about such as: new seasons; new opportunities; vacations; new goals at work; etc.  At this time of year of course, one of the biggest reasons we can GET EXCITED is CHRISTMAS!  Christmas is a great season and holiday!  Christmas is a great opportunity to get Excited.  Get excited about having time off from work to spend with family and friends.  Get excited about the opportunity to GIVE.  Get excited about the fact that we live in a FREE country where we can celebrate Christmas Freely!  All in all, just get excited. 

Heck I live Excited!  And during times like this, Christmas, I get extra excited.  Now dont get me wrong, I face stuff everyday that jumps up and tries to take my Excitement away.  And I have to admit sometimes I allow that stuff to do it.  But it is not long that I grab myself up and make myself get back Excited!  So yes it is a choice.  Yes it is hard sometimes.  Either way, Get Excited.  And it is a heck of a lot easier to Get Excited when you have the REASON FOR THE SEASON as your guide, your Lord, your Saviour, your protector, your provider, your promise!  JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!


Get Excited!  Its Christmas time, ye baby!! 

Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice  Godbless u kj 

Nutrition Expert says to eat Cookies!

Posted by KJ - December 10, 2015 - Daily Post

dbabomsnowmanGB DW

20x squat, pushup, leg tucks

Max Reps n 4 minutes: DB Swings

Check out the “abominable Snowman” getting the last drop from his bowl!  I thought this was an appropriate picture considering we are going to talk about Nutrition a little more today and its just Cool!

One of the nutrition ‘experts” I like to get info from is Dr. John Berardi, with Precision Nutrition.  He always puts out great solid Nutrition info that anyone can learn from.  He really seems to know his stuff.  He wrote a very good article that I recieved today, and I thought it was pretty neat because it goes right along with the article / post I sent out yesterday about eating “santa pancakes”. 

I am going to sort of sum up my take on what he said, and also give you the link if you want to see the whole thing:

He basically was saying that we should not get so caught up in trying to be perfect with our nutrition, particularly to the point that it causes us to not enjoy life.  He also gave some great tips on how to “look at” the way you make food choices, and to not see them necessarily as good and bad, but just choices.  And to make a conscious effort of why we are making particular food choices.  And of course there was much more to it, but these are the points that stuck out to me.

From this I just wanted to reinterate to you a few things:

1. Yes absolutely, what you EAT is important.  Yes it is very important to make better food choices on a daily basis.  Yes it is important that You Control food, and you do not let food control you.

2. Enjoy life.  If enjoying a cookie, or “santa pancake” with your kids helps you to enjoy life and or a particular day, then fine.  Eat the cookie, enjoy the cookie, soak up the good times with family.  And DO NOT PUT YOURSELF INTO CONDEMNATION ABOUT IT!

3. Remember that putting yourself “under Law” as far as eating will in most cases eventually bring you to bondage and then quitting.  It is good to have guidelines, but make sure you SEE it all in the right way.

4. Remember God loves you and designed your body to work magnificently.  Nutrition is just one tool for you to use to do your part in the natural in order to experience the “great Health” that is already inside you.

ENCOURAGING WORD FOR THE DAY: Know that because HE loves you, YOU CAN!